Welcome to The Ogle County Republican Central Committee’s Voting Guide. 

Voting is a fundamental right and an essential component of our representative Constitutional Republic. However, you may face difficulties when it comes to participating in the electoral process because it is so confusing. This is not your fault, it is a very common problem and we want to help clear up the confusion.

As we talk to voters in Ogle County we find that people are confused by the complexity of all the offices, different districts and people running, AND they don’t really understand WHAT the different offices are even supposed to do for them. Then it only gets worse when they try to find clarification on-line; all they do is get more confused by info that does not have anything to do with them personally, or it is outdated.

The first significant hurdle is the lack of understanding about all the offices that individuals are voting for. 

Here is a list of elected offices someone in Ogle County, Illinois, votes for, categorized as General Elections (even-year elections and primaries for County, Statewide, State Legislative, and Federal), and Consolidated (odd-year, local  elections),

Click on the office you have questions about. You will be taken to an easy to understand explanation of what that office is responsible for, and why it is important to vote for the right kind of person to fill that office.

General Elections (Even-Year Elections and Primaries):


  1. County Offices:


  1. Governor
  2. Lieutenant Governor
  3. Attorney General
  4. Secretary of State
  5. Treasurer
  6. Comptroller

State Legislative:

  1. State Senator (representing Ogle County)
  2. State Representatives (representing Ogle County)


  1. President
  2. U.S. Senate
  3. U. S. House of Representatives

Consolidated (Odd-Year Elections):

  1. Municipal Offices:
    • Mayor
    • City Council Members
    • Aldermen
    • Trustees
    • Village Board Members
  2. Township Offices:
    • Township Supervisor
    • Township Clerk
    • Township Assessor
    • Township Highway Commissioner
    • Township Trustees
  3. School District Offices:
    • School Board Members

The Consolidated (odd-year elections) category refers to various municipal, township, and school district offices that hold elections during odd-numbered years, as per local election schedules and are considered to be “non-partisan”, but in recent years have become more and more of a concern for partisan policy issues. We will update these offices with information in coming years to provide better information on the importance of these offices to your personal freedom.

County, Statewide, State Legislative, and Federal offices have their elections during specific cycles determined by the relevant authorities and have traditionally been the elections that are considered party elections where people running identify with a party when the run..