Ogle County Republican Leadership

If you are interested in getting involved with the Ogle County GOP call Kevin 815-677-7507 and I’ll be happy to help you understand the opportunities to make a difference.

Ogle County Precinct Committeemen

The foundation of your involvement in our Constitutional Republic is right here at the local level. Understanding how to connect at this level is the most powerful tool for you to impact how you are governed by your local, county, state and federal elected officials and government employees. These people all work for you. Connect with us to learn how you can make a difference.

Here is a map that will provide you with your current district information. As you my know, after the 2020 census many of the representative district lines were redrawn for 2022 and into the future. So, the districts we currently have can be fount here, but the districts for this year’s and future years elections are found here.

FIND MY PRECINCT AND ALL MY OTHER MOST CURRENT DISTRICTING INFO FOR ALL OFFICES (Click here to find all your county voting and polling information then find your committeeman in the list below.) 

If you would like to be a Precinct Committeeperson, you can be appointed to an open precinct. Email granddetour@oglecountygop.org with any questions.


 Buffalo 1: Lori Jasper      buffalo1@oglecountygop.org 609 E Wayne St. Polo, IL. 61064
 Buffalo 2:      buffalo2@oglecountygop.org 
 Buffalo 3: Megan McDermott      buffalo3@oglecountygop.org509 W Colden St Polo, IL 61064
 Byron 1: Cody Flanagan      byron1@oglecountygop.org618 S Grandview Terrace Oregon, IL. 61061
 Byron 2: Daniel Huntley      byron2@oglecountygop.org9617 Blaine Dr. Byron, IL. 61010
 Byron 3  Tiffany O’Brien      byron3@oglecountygop.org 4974 S. Valley Ln. Chana IL 61015 
 Byron 4: Allison Huntley      byron4@oglecountygop.org9617 Blaine Dr. Byron, IL. 61010
  Eagle Point: 
 Flagg 1: Corey Gilliam      flagg1@oglecountygop.org621 1/2 N 7th St Rochelle, IL. 61068
 Flagg 2: Joseph Simms      flagg1@oglecountygop.org 1003 Lincoln Ave. Rochelle, IL 61068
 Flagg 3:  
 Flagg 4: Dale Flanagan      flagg4@oglecountygop.org618 S Grandview Terrace Oregon, IL. 61061
 Flagg 5: Josiah Flanagan      flagg5@oglecountygop.org802 Rhoads Pl. Oregon IL 61061
 Flagg 6: Michael Koolidge      flagg6@oglecountygop.org1033 N 3rd St. Rochelle, IL 61068
  Flagg 7:Jamey Sulser      flagg7@oglecountygop.org 926 Lakeview Dr. Rochelle, IL. 61068
 Flagg 8:                             flagg8@oglecountygop.org 
 Flagg 9:  
  Flagg 10: 
 Flagg 11:   
  Forreston 1:    Tom Suits 10731 W. Pines Rd.  Polo IL 61064
 Forreston 2: Paul White      forreston3@oglecountygop.orgP.O. 92 Forreston, IL 61030
 Grand Detour: Kevin Colbert       granddetour@oglecountygop.org 6680 S. Anterier Rd. Dixon, IL. 61021
 Lafayette: Kaleb Kennay              Lafayette@oglecountygop.org 8716 S. Prairie Road, Ashton IL 61006

Leaf River: Wayne Reising       leafriver@oglecountygop.org

 168 Terrace View Blvd. Oregon, IL. 61061
 Marion 1: Hollie Guist      marion1@oglecountygop.org502 W. Center St. Mount Morris, IL 61054
 Marion 2: Dan Janes      marion2@oglecountygop.org3044 N Meridian Rd. Stillman Valley, IL 61084
 Marion 3: Marty Typer      marion3@oglecountygop.org126 S Maple St.  Stillman Valley, IL 61084
 Maryland: Brian Daws      maryland@oglecountygop.org10308 W. Coffman Rd. Forreston, IL 61030
 Monroe:                              monroe@oglecountygop.org 
 Mount Morris 1:Jerry Griffin      mountmorris1@oglecountygop.org 301 W 1st St Mount Morris, IL. 61054
 Mount Morris 2:                                   mountmorris2@oglecountygop.org  
 Mount Morris 3:                                mountmorris3@oglecountygop.org 
 Mount Morris 4:                                  mountmorris4@oglecountygop.org 
 Oregon Nashua 1:    Norman Beeh     oregonnashua1@oglecountygop.org 
 Oregon Nashua 2:                                oregonnashua2@oglecountygop.org 
 Oregon Nashua 3:                                oregonnashua3@oglecountygop.org                                           
 Oregon Nashua 4: Laura Cook      oregonnashua4@oglecountygop.org2555 S. Watertown Rd. Oregon, IL. 61061
  Oregon Nashua 5: Mark Kramer    oregonnashua5@oglecountygop.org 1005 S 4th St. Oregon, IL 61061
 Oregon Nashua 6: Bonnie O’Connell      oregonnashua6@oglecountygop.org1625 Burlington Rd. Oregon, IL 61061
 Pine Creek: Grant Armbruster      pinecreek@oglecountygop.org7674 W Pines Rd. Polo, IL. 61064
 Pine Rock: Stacy Flanagan      pinerock@oglecountygop.org618 S Grandview Terrace Oregon, IL 61061
 Rock Vale 1: George Howe      rockvale1@oglecountygop.org IL. 61061
 Rock Vale 2:                             rockvale2@oglecountygop.org 
 Scott: Zachary Oltmanns      scott@oglecountygop.org1105 Santa Fe Ave. Davis Junction, IL. 61020
 Taylor: Brian VanVickle      taylor@oglecountygop.org101 Moluf Dr. Rochelle, IL 61068
  White Rock: Tom Smith      whiterock@oglecountygop.org 780 S Route 251 Rochelle, IL. 61068