About The Ogle County Republican Party

“THE REPUBLICAN PARTY is a party of progress, and of liberty toward its opponents. It encourages the poor to strive to better their children, to enable them to compete successfully with their more fortunate associates, and, in fine, it secures an entire equality before the law of every citizen, no matter what his race, nationality, or previous condition. It tolerates no privileged class. Everyone has the opportunity to make himself all he is capable of.”

~Ulysses S. Grant

The Ogle County Republican Central Committee is made up of elected and appointed precinct committeemen who work to elect Republican candidates at County, State and National levels.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ogle County Republican Central Committee is to lead the Republicans of Ogle County and increase the number of Republican voters in order to elect Republican candidates who uphold our Republican beliefs and values. This will be accomplished through informing and educating citizens of Ogle County on the values of the Republican party and the issues facing us as citizens while holding Republican elected officials accountable to the voters.

We believe in holding elected officials accountable to the people they represent. Help us do that by joining our Ogle County Republican Central Committee. Interested parties should contact Kevin by emailing granddetour@oglecountygop.org or attending our monthly meeting on the last Tuesday of each month. Call 815-677-7507 if you are interested in attending; all meetings are open to the public.