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Definition of Republican

A Republican believes the best form of government is a republic. The United States of America is a “Constitutional Republic“. Under our form of government we confirm that the rights of the individual are given by the Creator to every person and secured for every citizen by the Constitution which restricts the power of government. 


We elect representatives to pass laws in support of our liberty and to provide for the general welfare, always in submission to the fundamental liberties we hold as gifts from our Creator.


Ogle County GOP Mission

The mission of the Ogle County Republican Central Committee is to lead the Republicans of Ogle County and increase the number of Republican voters in order to elect Republican candidates who uphold our Republican beliefs and values. This will be accomplished through informing and educating citizens of Ogle County on the values of the Republican party and the issues facing us as citizens while holding Republican elected officials accountable to the voters.

Left to right, Grant Armbruster, Secretary; Kevin Colbert, Treasurer; Zach Oltmanns; Micharl Kooledge, Chairman
Left to right, Grant Armbruster, Secretary; Kevin Colbert, Treasurer; Zach Oltmanns, Vice Chairman; Michael Kooledge, Chairman

Get Involved In Ogle County

Volunteer Opportunities

The Ogle County Republican Party has a multitude of volunteer and internship opportunities available through the county, townships, local organizations, or with individual members of the party.

Upcoming Events

Something is always happening in Ogle County and the Ogle County GOP strives to be involved with these events to further build and understand our community. Check our events page to keep up to date.

Voting & Locations

Do you have questions about how or where to vote? Are you looking for the issues coming up on the next ballot? The Ogle County GOP has all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Welcome To Ogle County

Located in the heart of Northern Illinois, Ogle County is made of  several beautiful, unique, and historical communities including Oregon, Rochelle, Byron, and Stillman Valley. Our beautiful county is home to many historic locations, state parks, and a little something for everyone.

Join the Ogle County Republican Party as we strive to create an even better Ogle County for our constituents. Allowing all of us to continue to share the beauty and culture of our beloved county for years to come is key.

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Get To Know The Ogle County Republican Party

The Ogle County Republican Central Committee is made up of elected and appointed precinct committeemen who work to elect Republican candidates at County, State and National levels.

We have fundraiser events each year, and participate in neighboring counties’ Republican events. We also have entries in all of the Ogle County parades.

One of our major goals is to promote unity among the Republican Party in Ogle County and in the State of Illinois.

Contact The Ogle County Republican Party


6680 S. Anterier Rd.
Dixon, IL 61021


(815) 677-7507